Mama’s been busy – more to come

This post contains two confessions. 1 – I have the power to make magazines go out of business. I swear that every magazine I like goes out of business.  Cookie – see ya later.  Budget Living – no longer.  Cottage Living – buh bye.  Blueprint – gone.  And now Everyday Food. Oh Martha, I like […]

Three. Three was my favorite number growing up. I liked the shape of it. I just liked three.  Maybe because it made me think of this.   Last month my toddler girl turned three.  “If you thought two was bad, wait until three!” I have been warned by friends. And they’re right, the terrible twos […]

How has it been almost two months since I last posted?  Things have been busy in suburbia: mama started a new business, toddler started pre-school, baby started sitting up. When life is hectic (let’s be honest, when isn’t it?) you need to be able to get dinner on the table fast.  This recipe is one […]

I saw this pop up on a Facebook friend’s news feed.  I read it and cried.  Devon Corneal nails it. From the Huffington Post   The Last Time Posted: 09/11/2012 11:38 am   Tonight, Little Dude asked for a snuggle before bed. It was well past his bedtime and I was tired, cranky and had […]

It may be the unofficial start of fall, but there is plenty of grilling time left here in the Midwest.  This recipe comes courtesy of my friends Jane & Jonathan.  Jane is my BFF from college and I had this pork at her house years ago, when I was visiting so we could go wedding […]

It’s finally cooled down enough to have the windows open. And that means the question going through every mom’s mind is “Can you hear me yelling at my kids?”