Monthly Archives: July 2012

Recipe – peach, basil, mozzarella salad

There’s a few stand-by magazines I get recipes from, Real Simple is one of them.  I like to rip recipes from magazines and keep them in a file.  If I try them and we like them, they get put in a plastic sheet protector and go into my 3-ring recipe binder.  If they suck, it […]

Makes me cry every time

This poem has been around for years and you can find it on lots of blogs. But it makes me cry every time I read it, or think about it for that matter. Steel Magnolias has the same effect on me. It’s a good reminder to stop and be in the present moment with your […]

Job hunting tip of the day

If you click on a job listing on Craig’s List and it’s in ALL CAPS –  you don’t want to work there.

TV show I’m into right now – Bunheads

Did you watch The Gilmore Girls? How I loved the Gilmore Girls. Lorelai and Rory’s rapid-fire speech, witty reparte and pop culture references.  It made me want to move to a small New England town and run an inn. Well it’s all back in Bunheads. Small town now in California, rapid-fire speech, pop culture references […]

Today is the first day…

of the rest of my life.  True. But also the first day of my blog.  I’ll share my thoughts on pop culture, life in suburbia, being an “older” mom and some recipes too. Thanks for coming along on this journey with me.