TV show I’m into right now – Bunheads

Did you watch The Gilmore Girls? How I loved the Gilmore Girls. Lorelai and Rory’s rapid-fire speech, witty reparte and pop culture references.  It made me want to move to a small New England town and run an inn.

Well it’s all back in Bunheads. Small town now in California, rapid-fire speech, pop culture references and Kelly Bishop is back!  Everyone says that Amy Sherman-Palladino has just re-created The Gilmore Girls.  I say, if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.  Bunheads has filled the small no-more-Gilmore-Girls- hole in my heart.

Michelle, a Vegas showgirl gets drunk, marries this slightly weird dude who has a crush on her (Cameron from Ferris Bueller’s day off!) and moves to Pleasant, California.  Through the haze of her hangover, she’s like “oh crap, I got married!” and then “holy shit this dude lives with his mom (who is Mrs. Gilmore from the Gilmore Girls!) and this house is where tacky shit goes to die” . Speaking of dying, her new husband gets killed in a car accident in the first episode, while Michelle is tossing back some shots with her new mother-in-law and a local watering hole.

But this official image for the show? What the hell? It ain’t doing Sutton Foster any favors. It doesn’t even look like her.

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