Ed’s Steamed corn on the cob

Me and the kiddos just got back from visiting my parents and sisters in the homeland (Wisconsin).  I grew up in Madison and while it’s not a large city, I didn’t grow up on a farm.  However, I didn’t grow up very far from farms.  And summertime means the farmers come and set up their trucks at roadside stands in town and sell fruit, veggies and delicious sweet corn.  To this day I find it feels strange and wrong to buy corn on the cob in the grocery store.  You’re supposed to drive a couple miles and buy it from a farmer in a parking lot, but I digress.

This summer has been brutal on the poor farmers and I thought the corn was going to be terrible. The load we had on Tuesday night was perfect.  Now you can boil corn, you can microwave corn or you can grill it.  Or you can have Ed’s corn on the cob.  I got this recipe from my friend Ed and it’s been a hit every time I’ve served it.  It’s a super easy way to steam corn on the cob either on the grill, or on the stovetop if it’s 1 million degrees outside and you don’t want to stand outside at your grill (read:  all this summer).  Grab some ears of corn and start steaming!

Shuck the corn

Wet two paper towels until soaking wet, place one on top of the other

On the paper towels add 1 clove minced garlic and sprinkle sugar, salt and pepper liberally.

Wrap the corn in the paper towels and then wrap in foil.

Place on a medium grill or grill pan.  Turn about every five minutes so it doesn’t burn.  It should be done in about 15 minutes.


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  1. […] wanted a copy of the recipe.  This is a go-to dish when I have people over for dinner. Paired with Ed’s Steamed Corn on the Cob, you have a perfect grilled, late summer […]

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