The most wise words I’ve heard in a long time

This was on my friend Julie Murphy Casserly’s Facebook page earlier this week.  The bolded part of the quote comes from Lotus Blossom Consulting:

Great words from a good friend of mine, and so relevant to money. Don’t let your money struggles be the center of your lives; let your authentic self be the guiding factor in ALL of your decisions.  Remember today and always that you are more than your struggles.

That has really hit home with me this week.  I tend to caught up in what I don’t have.  There never seems to be enough money or time.   I then put all my energy towards what isn’t right, instead of putting energy to what I want to happen.  Making your problems the center of my life makes me neglect my life.

We all need to ease up on ourselves.

And now I’m going to play with a drooling 4 month old instead of doing the dishes.




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